Fuck Me Everywhere


A lady from high society Madame Winkler (Karine Gambier) has sex with a teacher (Guy Royer), with whom she has long been found, although he despises him for being of the working class. She talks to him about his political views and compares him to Georges Marche (leader of the French Communist Party at the time) and Francois Mitterrand (then leader of the socialist party, who became president three years later). Throughout the scene Madame Winklair refers to the proletarian origin of the teacher and asks him what it is like when you are fucking a representative of the bourgeoisie. Meanwhile, housewife Dominic (Cathy Stewart) meets in the kitchen with her friend Nicholas, forester Madame Winkler. Contrary to most scenes with Cathy Stewart, where she looks pretty detached (in my opinion) this time she really seems to enjoy the process. Throughout the scene, Cathy Stewart continues to talk about their future trip to Morocco. As soon as after the sex, Guy Royer left, Madame summons her forester, and while he puts the wood in the fireplace, he dreams about him. Dominic catches up with the teacher sitting in the car and threatens to tell his master, Mr. Winkler, about his connection with Madame, but promises to remain silent if he agrees to let her compare him in bed with Nicholas. Refusing at first, the teacher surrenders, and they have sex in the manger. Then Nicholas joins them: an excellent scene! If someone is collecting scenes with Cathy Stewart, remember this! Great music and live sound! Nicholas and Dominic (although she refuses at first) wanted others to have sex with them in the kitchen. They are joined by Madame. Diane Dubois discusses the film Emmanuel 2 with Dominique Saint Claire and talks about his sympathy for erotic films. The discussion turns first into a lesbian scene, which, when the teacher joins it, goes into the group sex. Then we see the hunters returning home. Having settled, everyone starts a dangerous game, telling the truth about each other. Mr. Winkler is accused in connection with Diane Dubois. He in revenge finds something to say about Dominique Saint Claire. After talking about the bourgeoisie and communist horrors in the old USSR, she was sentenced to love caresses in front of the audience … In fact, the next scene shows Diane Dubois copulating with each of the orgy members except the forest ranger. Then we see mainly the lesbian scene, to which the teacher joins at the end. At the same time Dominique Saint Claire fucks with Mr. Winkler. Why is Dominique Irissou staying out of this? We probably will never know (perhaps it was in the original script?). Why did Cathy Stewart disappear from the screen? This is another mystery … And why (Why indeed?) Dominique Saint Claire shoots at Mr. Winkler at the very end? Too many questions … It’s better to remember the great scenes with Cathy Stewart!

Date: Февраль 3, 2019

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