L’Infirmiere Aux Gros Seins


The film begins with a nice woman (the girl-next-door type) seeing her doctor because of some sort of pain down ther behind. He (C. Clark) will cure her with the help of a male assistant of his. Then coming home, he falls into the hands (and between her breast) of his wife (Joy Karin’s) who wants to show him that she is the world’s biggest slut (we have no doubt about that). A young dark-haired lady is manipulated by that elderly man (Etienne Jaumillot) so often seen in John Love’s movies (the one who likes inserting things. See what I mean?). Jean-Pierre Armand then joins them and takes care of the lady for what appears to be a not unpleasant way. Then we go back to Joy Karin’s who is doing some exercises, apparently to increase the size of her breasts. She is joined by the little lady mentionned before and another woman. They have some girl-only fun before J.P. Armand joins in helped by another actor (often seen in J. Love’s movies, but I’ve forgotten his name. Then we see Joy Karyn’s asking men to join her in bed. Her cry for love is heard and 3 men join her four some more exhausting action.

Date: Февраль 3, 2019

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